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The objective of the Lions of District 24-A Mobile Sight and Hearing Units is to conduct FREE sight, glaucoma, hearing, and blood pressure screenings at community events, health fairs, public and private schools, nursing and assisted living homes, and anywhere else there is a need for our services.

How it began

The District 24-A Lions Mobile Sight & Hearing Vans provide free sight and hearing screenings to the men, women, and children of Northern Virginia. Here is a brief history of this Lions activity.

Prior to 1976, there was no organized, systematic program within Lions District 24-A for conducting vision, glaucoma, or hearing screenings. Some Lions Clubs occasionally conducted glaucoma screenings whenever they could arrange for the services of an ophthalmologist and some occasionally conducted vision screenings with either purchased or borrowed vision screeners. Vision and glaucoma screenings for the District as a whole were sporadic while hearing screening within the District was virtually non-existent. Recognizing these problems in conducting a major Lions program--the early detection of sight and hearing deficiencies--a committee of Lions was appointed to study these problems. The committee was tasked to determine the economic feasibility of developing a Mobile Screening Van program to conduct both sight and hearing screenings on a continuing basis; to measure its potential benefits and estimate its costs. The committee met on numerous occasions with professional hearing and vision specialists and other groups.

The committee's recommendations to approve and implement the program were approved in May 1976 and the mobile screening vehicle (a 27-foot Winnebago Motor Home), was provided at dealer's cost by Koons Pontiac in Manassas VA. As contributions were solicited and received from the clubs, the final payment was made for the van and the vision, hearing, glaucoma, and other support equipment were purchased and installed. The program became operational in November 1976.

During its initial period of operation (November 1976 through June 1977) 5,180 people were screened in the van by 25 Lions Clubs. On April 5, 1978, the Commonwealth of Virginia incorporated the program as the "Sight and Hearing Mobile Screening Unit, Lions of Virginia, District 24-A, Inc." a non-profit corporation. In May 1984, the Spotsylvania Lions Club sponsored the van at the Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg, VA and the 100,000th person was screened. Due to high demand, a second Van was purchased in 1989.

Several replacement Vans have been purchased over the years with the latest having been acquired in April 2013. During the 39 years of service (1976-2015) over 1 million screenings have been been conducted using the two Lions District 24-A Mobile Sight and Hearing Vans. Much of this screening is done at local schools at no cost to the schools or parents. Your generous contributions will enable the Lions of District 24-A to continue providing this valuable and free service.


To schedule a van, please contact Jim Alexander at For a .pdf format copy of the Vans Schedule that you can download or print, Click Here


Stafford Lions Benefit Shows Now Supporting the Sight & Hearing Mobile Vans

The Benefit Shows bring good Live Family Entertainment to those who may not have the ability or means to see a live stage production. The Holiday Show is usually a musical with an educational message. The Spring Show is a magic show for children of all ages. The Benefit Shows are used to inform the public about the work of the Stafford County Lions Club as well as the work of Lions Clubs International (LCI). The shows will now also spread the word about the Sight & hearing Mobile Vans and a Van will be at the shows to provide FREE Sight & hearing screenings.

Funds raised from the Benefit Shows will be used to provide support and training to the blind and deaf underprivileged children and seniors in our area, along with providing Holiday & Spring cheer for the less fortunate. The Stafford County Lions Club invites local businesses and residents to help with our project by sponsoring a small group of our areas handicapped, special needs children and seniors, so that they may attend the show as your guest. In appreciation, we send you a complimentary pass to attend the show as well. You may keep your family pass or distribute them to deserving people of your choice (employees, church, etc.), or sign them and return them with your check and we will distribute them for you.

This has been a wonderful experience for the children and seniors in the past and a very generous gesture from the community, and on their behalf, we extend a gracious Thank You!

The annual Spring Benefit Show is a magic show performed by Joe Garsetti.

Click here to see a sample of his magic.



The Sight and Hearing Van has been approved for participation in the Combined Federal Campaign of the Potomac and the National Capital Area. The Sight and Hearing Van is listed in the "Local Voluntary Agencies" section of the CFC catalog as follows:

AGENCY: The Sight and Hearing Mobile Screening Unit, Lions of Virginia, District 24-A, Inc

CFC # 37060

Although the CFC Program is for Government Employees, anyone in the private sector who contributes to the United Way Program can also designate The Sight and Hearing Van as a recipient by write-in with the full name of the organization.


You can also send donations directly to the Sight and Hearing Van Corporation. The address is:

Sight & Hearing Mobile Screening Unit, Lions of Virginia, District 24-A, Inc.

c/o Lion Doug Cross, PDG

13334 Fieldstone Way

Gainesville, VA 20155-6616

We invite donations of all kinds, including personal property, real property and listed stock. Checks should be made payable to the "Sight and Hearing Van Corporation."

Thanks in advance for your donations

Trading Pins for sale

Van Pins For Sale A limited quantity of Van Pins are available for sale at $3.00 each, while supplies last. Please contact PDG Douglas Cross to make a purchase.



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