Regions & Zones


Zones are comprised of between 4 and 8 individual Lions clubs that are located near each other. Zones allow clubs to work closely with each other to share ideas and build camaraderie. Our district is divided into 17 zones, lettered Zone A through Zone Q.


We have a large district, measured both by geography and the number of clubs. With 17 zones spread out over an area that is over 200 miles from one end to another, it becomes difficult for the district governor to effective work directly with all of the 17 zone chairpersons.

To facilitate coordination between the governor and the zone chairpersons, we have divided our district into four regions of roughly the same geographic size. This allows the Region Chairperson to be able to meet with zones and clubs easily and frequently.

District Governor’s Advisory Committee

The District Governor’s Advisory Committee is chaired by the zone chairperson and includes all club presidents, club first vice presidents and club secretaries within the zone. The committee meets at least three times annually as outlined in the District Constitution and By-Laws. Some areas host a fourth meeting, which is optional, to celebrate the successes of the year and/or introduce incoming club officers to the concept of zone meetings. The committee’s responsibilities are to:

District Governor's Advisory Committee Meetings (Zone Meetings)

Often considered the most important meeting for club officers, the District Governor Advisory Committee meeting, or zone meeting, gives club presidents, club first vice presidents and secretaries the chance to learn about the programs and initiatives of the district, multiple district and LCI. However, by far the most valuable element of these meetings is the opportunity for these key leaders to simply exchange ideas and challenges with other club officers. This guide provides you, the zone chairperson, tips and best practices on how to accomplish both objectives to ensure that the meeting is productive and time well spent.

The meetings generally focus on the implementation of service projects, club management, membership growth and leadership development. While the main objective is to provide club officers a forum for discussion, the meeting also provides the zone chairperson the opportunity to gather recommendations that can be shared with the DG Team.

We encourage club presidents and secretaries, and all other club members, to attend each zone meeting.