Lions Quest is a comprehensive, positive, youth development program, sponsored by Lions Clubs International and Lions Clubs International Foundation. It involves the home, school, and community to cultivate capable, healthy young people of strong character through life skills, character education, civic values, service-learning, tolerance, and substance abuse prevention.

Chairperson duties include:

Become familiar with the Lions Quest programs (Skills for Growing, Skills for Adolescence, and Skills for Action) as described on the Lions Quest Web site, and the Lions Quest program informational CD and DVD.

Speak at Lions Club meetings, District Cabinet meetings and other Lions gatherings and conferences about the Lions Quest programs. Know what resources are available from LCIF and provide information to Lions Clubs that request it.

Network with educational institutions and other organizations involved in education in the District.

Learn about the scope of Lions Quest activity currently occurring in the District/Multiple District including the clubs that have sponsored the program in recent years and schools that utilize the program. Encourage clubs in the District to promote the program to school officials in their communities.

Encourage clubs in the District to sponsor Lions Quest training or material purchases for local schools.

Assist clubs involved with Lions Quest to identify local sources of funding to support and sustain the program.

Generate publicity about Lions Quest activity in the District.

Keep the District Governor and the LCIF Lions Quest Department informed of the progress of Lions Quest activity in the District.

Assist with coordination of Lions Quest training workshops in the district and the drafting of Lions Quest Core 4 grant proposals as appropriate.

Develop a secession/mentoring plan to ensure a smooth transition at the end of the office term to the incoming Chairperson.